TerraClient  v.1. 3. 2003

TerraClient allows viewing and printing of ground level satellite photographs of the United States. Featured is a unique map overlay option that automatically superimposes a 'paper' roadmap over the satellite photos.

Process Blocker  v.0.7

The aim of this project is to create an ideal administration tool which can prevent running any application in Windows. The development process is divided into a series of stages, each of them being indicated in the roadmap section.


LibSBML  v.4.0.1

LibSBML is a free, open-source programming library to help you read, write, manipulate, translate, and validate SBML files and data streams. It is not an application itself, but rather a library you can embed in your own applications.

Trustedbird  v.3 1

This software program has useful new features for the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

ClassRoom GradeBook  v.8.20.1000

ClassRoom GradeBook (former ClassRoom Windows) is a Windows 9x/XP and Vista Freeware program for teachers. It is designed to make your record keeping and grading much easier.

TC TimeStamp Client  v.3.0.1

TimeStampClient is designed to be a client software for Time-Stamp Protocol (TSP) defined by RFC 3161. Consists of single executable file. Supports TCP Socket Based Protocol. Supports Time-Stamp Protocol via HTTP/HTTPS.

Mugi  v.8.0

TMugi started as an open project development of the Mugi model glider, but now has grown to include many aircraft, most of which are now powered. Mugi has a large Internet following and there are videos of Mugis from all corners of the world.

SleepyHead  v.0.9.1 Beta

SleepyHead is an interactive viewer for CPAP machine data. Currently supports Philips Respironcs PRS1. Others coming soon. Read CPAP data.

NeXpose Community Edition  v.2011 Summer

NeXpose Community Edition is powered by the same scan engine as award-winning NeXpose Enterprise and offers many of the same features. Support is available via the extensive online Community.

Instafari  v.0.2

Instafari is a useful Safari extension that will add a new button for quickly adding articles to your Instapaper account.

HERE(Free Send GPS Location)  v.1.0

HERE is a free Send GPS Location Application.

Kanapes IDE  v.1.2

Kanapes (+¦+-+Z+-¤C+A¤e - greek for couch) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) was designed to help you with your daily CouchDB routines.

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